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We are  boysitaliansuits.com, a division of Natan Borlam Co. Inc. 

157 Havemeyer street

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

Phone  866-782-0108 or  718-782-0108


 AND, we are probably the only web merchant that visits Italy constantly, to help us find the best sources of boys suits, coats and blazers for our great customers, as well as allow us to meet the fine soccer team of Venezia, some members of which are shown here with Charles, our Buyer. Charles is the shorter one although that is not to detract at all from the athlete in uniform, trust me, he is huge.

Although our name online is BoysItalianSuits.com we are actually Natan Borlam Co., Inc. and we are often misspelled as Nathan Borlam, Borlans, Borlan Borlams and Borlans.


Rest assured, you are dealing with professionals, and you will not be disappointed. (To keep the facts clear, we have been in business for 50 years, but absolutely not online 50 years.)


As the importer for many brands, and as very large customers in general, we have eliminated many extra middleman and warehouse fees and we offer you great savings. We are famous and well liked by our customers, (not liked by competitors) for our low mark-up. Our policy is to just charge less than we should. Selling Italian suits below $200, using premium superfine 100 or 120 fabric is just our norm.


so you are able to select rather than settle. We always have at least 1500 Boy's Italian suits in stock, while our competitors think 500 is a lot (it isn't). As one of the largest importers of Italian Children's clothing, we are always aware of the newest trends, like the current pinstripe rage, often before you have seen or heard of them.


because, we have full time agents scouting out the companies and we average 6 trips a year (to Italy) to make sure we always have the newest, the best, and the best price.



In accordance with the spirit and initiative of the consumerwebwatch guidelines, we are listing the information that their guidelines suggest. This information has always been on our site and has always been our policy, we are just consolidating it here for your convenience.

1, Our identity (as on the bottom of each page) is as follows

boysitaliansuits.com, a division of Natan Borlam Co. Inc. Phone 718-782-0108,

or visit us at 157 Havemeyer street

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

2,This site has no advertising.

The Google search services are provided by Google. com and may lead to commercial sites with advertising, and the links on our "add url" page are provided as a public service, most are commercial sites that are out of our control and not under our policies.

3, We have no financial relationship with any other site.

Fees charged include the price of the items purchased plus a shipping/handling fee of 3.5% or $6.95, whichever is  greater, for orders shipped within the continental states.

Most orders ship within one business day, often the day  the order is received. Standard ground shipping is via UPS GROUND from zip code 11211, deliveries vary from overnight to most of metro NY, NJ, CT to 8 days maximum, within the continental USA.

All online purchases can be returned for a full refund, less shipping/handling fees if returned within one week, unworn and with all tags attached. Orders can be cancelled before shipping at no charge, however we ship very quickly, please phone us immediately.

Items received in error are fully refundable, including shipping/handling fees except for misjudgments in size. We stand available to help you guesstimate the right size and will absorb the extra shipping charges (upon request) if a sale is made after having to switch sizes.

4, Our site does not use any data from users, nor use cookies, beacons, bugs or robots, except when an order is entered online. Data collected is used only to fill the order, phone you if necessary, ship to your address, and process payment from your card. This data is then stored only for purposes of combating credit card fraud and assisting credit card issuers in confirming order validity. Data will be released to law enforcement agencies or bank/credit card companies when they ask for the information in order to confirm that you did make an order, upon request, this may be unlikely, we sell kid's clothing, after all. Please note; the Google box on the main (home) page may use cookies to track users, these cookies do not appear on other pages. A machine readable version of our privacy policy is available at http://www.boysitaliansuits.com/p3p.xml

There is no traditional opt out, to limit the use of your personal information, as we do not use information except to fill an order. If you would rather not provide information online, you may opt out of providing information online,  we provide phone order service at no additional charge. It may still be necessary to collect information relating to shipping address, billing address and payment information, if paying by credit card.

5, ERROR CORRECTION, we do not expect to make many errors, we will, however put all corrections on this page within 24 hours of notification of an error.

The following has been added to our Girl's coat page on 1/15/04, pursuant to some billing errors;  the error was found internally, no customer had a problem prior to the correction and any erroneous charges will be corrected.

Our page on Boy's Coats was felt to be misleading by a telephone caller and her friend on or about 9/13/06. While we feel the page was clear and not misleading, especially for those that understand terms such as left and right we did change the wording to be certain it would continue to be clear to all. We do not need to mislead, these coats tend to sell out to the last piece with no "misleading"  necessary or intended. It should be stressed that coats sold as internet sales are refundable, we have never had a complaint after purchase of these coats.

On 11/17/07 a customer phoned about a page that had old prices that had not been updated. the prices were lower than our current prices due to major changes in the Dollar/Euro values. the item was also a discontinued style.  We offered to absolutely offer this client the prices she saw based on current stock on hand. The page has been updated and future sales must be placed at the new price.


CARDS ACCEPTED, include MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We are proud to accept AMEX and do not ask our clients to use another card nor do we add a surcharge to users of any card.

SHIPPING POLICIES, we generally ship via UPS GROUND. Rates are about $6.95 or 3.50%, whichever is greater. Rates include delivery and full insurance. 1 day, 2 day and overnight options are available at higher cost, please contact us for details. The UPS shipping schedule is generally based on business days, if you are in a rush and need weekend service, please mention this, we do have alternate shipping arrangements.