Fine boys wool coats


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Our selection of wool boys' coats is all encompassing; as the official importer for several brands of Italian boys woolen coats, made of either loden wool (a European classic process of treating wool, used in the Alp region) or super soft 100% wool, we probably stock the largest collection of Italian boys wool coats or overcoats in the U.S.

Please select from these models, or simply phone us for advice and assistance. A lower cost Rothschild winter coat for boys is further down this page.


   The two wool coats on the left are our our younger style, single breasted Loden wool boys' coats, by the Buddy Gang division of Mafrat SPA of Putignano (BA) Italy. This boys overcoat is made of original Loden wool, with an exclusive flannel lining, hidden buttons, and color coordinated solid or plaid flannel detail. One great benefit of this coat is the fact that it buttons all the way to the top, a great feature in a boys coat. The  removable hood is lined with a special color coordinated plaid lining. We also have the option of a navy Loden wool coat with solid navy lining in the coat and hood. This is offered as an option, please phone to order or verify selection.

Loden boys' coats are original Loden fabric, 90% wool, 10% polyamide, Made in Italy. Loden coat in gray or navy, sizes 2 thru 12   $189  Please phone to Order

 The description and price of the  Belted_Raglan_style_boys coat (left) or the new,_DB_100%_wool_coat_from_Italy (right) are further down this page.





BOYS WOOL COAT  This blockbuster is a sleek and sophisticated Italian coat. This Belted Raglan style coat (photo on right side at the top of this page is a close up) has hidden buttons, buttons all the way to the top and is made of ultra soft 100% wool, actually a rarity even in Italian coats. These overcoats are very popular with parents and the boys that wear them. This toasty coat sells for $179 to size 7 and $199 to size 12, with a maximum price of  $215 up to size 22.  Charcoal coats are also available. This coat is designed as a long coat, those planning on using it for more than one year should not buy it larger than normal size.

All above boys' coats and overcoats are 100% wool, Fabric and Coat are both Made in Italy. Available in Navy, Black or Dark Gray.


SIZES 5 or 6 at $189,

SIZES 7, 8, 10 or 12 at $199,

SIZES 14, 16 or 18 at $219,

SIZES 20 or 22 at $229 

Please phone to Order

A style similar to the raglan coat is offered for MEN. The Men's coat is long and sleek with buttons hidden, hand stitching (actually machine assisted) detail and a unique design that has raglan sleeves in the rear for comfort but set in typical sleeves up front for better style. This model is also available in a CAR COAT, appropriate for men whose excursions are basically in and out of the car.


 Please phone to Order    

  This is the Rothschild Boy's winter Coat, also called the John John coat. It is 80% wool with velvet trim. Our low sale price includes the hat.  The color choices are navy or dark gray, the sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 coat is available in navy, the gray is only sold in 2, 3, or 4.

The toddler sized coat has velvet trim, half belt, simulated leather buttons but no epaulets on the shoulders.  This coat is 80% wool.

The size 4 thru 7 coat has velvet trim, epaulets on the shoulders and a half belt in the rear only (half belt), 80% wool.

This wool Dress coat is priced at $85 in toddler sizes, $89 in sizes 4, 5, 6 or 7  Please phone to Order

 Imported, not made in Italy   


Toggle coat This is our true to the classic Toggle coat, or Montgomery, as referred to by the Italians and duffel coat as it is commonly called. It differs from the classic pea coat by it's button style. This Italian unisex model is made by LESY of Italy. We have carried toggle coats for years, but have not had one this nice yet. Please enlarge the photo to see the detail, and yes, the fabric is as soft as it seems to be, it should be soft as it is all wool, with 20% cashmere.

Available by telephone order only. Colors include Navy and Camel. SOLD OUT

Prices range from $159 to $169, based on size.

   We  feature Boy's  raincoats BY BRADLEY JONS in the fashionable new single breasted MICROFIBER COAT. All models are fully lined with zip-out lining. Price for this model is $129.

We also offer the Joseph Abboud raincoat trench coat in shell micro fiber, please phone to order.

MICROFIBER   RAINCOATS  as seen on left     $129  Please phone to Order