Boy's Husky Suits


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We are very fortunate to be able to offer our customers a great selection of boy's husky size suits as well as extra wide stout size boys suits. Boys Husky suits are carefully designed for boys with waists 4-6 inches wider than other boys. Stout suits are a bit wider than husky. The jacket fit is appropriately designed for the wider fit necessary. Boys that are  large or husky sizes as well as their families are under enough pressure. We make it easy by offering a huge selection of husky size suits for boys, in sizes from 8 to 22, with waist sizes up to 37 inches, adjustable up to 3 inches more if necessary.  We also have specially produced Italian stout boys suits, something really new and needed for those with waists closer to 40 inches. This selection is really unusual for many reasons, our husky selection is larger than many large store's total suit selection, our quality is the best Italy offers and our prices, at $259 to about $289 are at least $120 less than comparable boys suits from Italy. Based on years of experience, we have labeled the husky size suits as Forte or superior (stout) sizes, this can make shopping for a husky suit more pleasant for a boy; the parents find this to be very beneficial. We are a Fashion House for all, we have a heritage of over 50 years of selling the finest children's dress clothing in sizes to fit all. The days of the settling for what is left on the dusty rack at the back of the store are rightfully gone.

Our husky suit for boys (and our stout suit) selection consists of many of the same styles as our typical size boys suit selection, with stock of up to 50 suits per size. White suits are offered in Husky sizes and can be factory modified in Italy for a more customized fit.  To view suits and order, please visit our suit page by clicking here. You are also invited to phone us during business hours (866-782-0108), we will be glad to help you select the right size and explain the choices available for immediate shipment. this same service is available to our customers seeking to buy a boys suit in a regular size, our selection assures satisfaction for any occasion.

Husky boys suit sizes sizes are in stock in sizes 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. These are all sizes that we stock husky size boys suits in everyday. We also feature stout size suits for boys in sizes 14 and up. Stout boys suit sizes offer extra width without the extra length, think of stout suit sizes as extra short or portly for boys.