Girls Coat Guide


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As long term importers of fine wool boy's and girl's coats, we have written this guide as a short, noncommercial guide of what to look for in a quality girls coat. We did not do this as a plug but we try to define the right way of doing things and we try to do things the right way.

The first and  most important factor to consider in considering a boy's or girls coat is the fabric. A fine girls or boys topcoat coat should be at least 80% wool although 100% wool is better. When considering the fabric, remember, cashmere (Kashmir or other alternate spellings in other countries) is a wool although a fine and delicate wool that should be used carefully and with great prudence in a children's coat. Never be impressed with a sleeve label that lists cashmere and wool, the definitive label is only the label sewn into the garment and often adds nylon, polyamide or other synthetics as well. These synthetic fabrics add a stiffness and a lack of clarity to the color that is unwelcome by any standard, usually negatively affecting comfort, beauty, warmth and the wearability as well as often leading to quality problems with the fabric, especially when used for a boys or girls coat.

The coat's style is the next thing to notice. While style and girls coat model choices vary, remember to pay attention to warmth, a coat that is open at the neck may be not warm enough, although fur always helps. This season there has been renewed emphasis on fur trim (both real and artificial) as well as a resurgence of camel, pink and light blue (Celeste in Italian) as the most favorite colors for girls coats and jackets.

The coats should have a lining under the wool fabric. We prefer a fine flannel lining above a fine layer of poly as the internal filler, be aware that a coat with no lining will not be warm in most cases. Always be careful when buying a coat that is made in Europe, confirm that the coat was made especially for the American market as these girls coats are usually warmer, girls coats made for European children may be less warm as their winters are often less frigid and coat makers feel that the less thickness the better the style. When we produce wool coats for boys in Italy we always use warmer wool or specify certain linings