This page represents our philosophy about boy's suit stores, both online and brick and mortar. This is about how we approach the fine boys suit business and what you should find, whether you are shopping for a boys suit with us or elsewhere.

The most important thing a store should offer it's clients is a huge selection. When you consider the number of sizes needed and the choice of colors and designs, a store needs to hang at least 1600 wool suits for boys to be competitive. If you are sure there are much less suits there it is a cause for concern. The end might be that you will have to settle for second best or have a suit for your boy that is altered to fit the boy rather than use the ideal boys size suit. It should be clear that boys suits come in even and odd sizes and boys do not jump in sizes 2 at a time; that is from 12 to 14 in one shot. Remember, a store needs to have regular, husky's and others in solid colors like black, navy blue, gray, assorted stripes and pinstripe suits etc. Once you allow for the extra stock to prevent selling out, you end up with the need for 1600 boys suits at least. We believe that it is better to get the right size than to alter it, they can not sew it back together as well as the factory conditions allow.

It is also nice if the store is knowledgeable about boys suit and the suit fabrics. many stores buy their suits in the US from salesmen, they both know little about the characteristics of different wools, dyeing processes, different buttons and linings. We are proud to visit our factories in Italy 4 times a year. This allows us to get the news on which mill has the nicest and most reliable product and which new improvement is the best way to go. The nice thing about this is that the best quality costs less because we are so closely tied to the Italian factory instead of a salesman. We find we get a greater thrill in finding a beautiful fabric than in sharing a superb latte in a New York showroom, and, of course the latte is better in Italia.