This is the second in our guide of what to look for in a WOOL boy's  DRESS suit, with a special focus on BOYS SUIT WOOL fabrics.

The best fabric for boys suits and formal wear dress clothing is wool, Wool is a natural fiber that has been used for hundreds of years. If anything, today's woolen fabrics are better than ever with competitive pressures and cost effective technology forcing never ending improvements in the fabrics.

The best wools for Boy's dress suits are usually Italian superfine 100. 110 or 120 wools with a weight of about 255 grams to 280 grams. These fabrics are light enough to be comfortable in, the so called habitability factor, yet heavy enough not to become limp when worn by a kid. Beware of numbers such as super 120 without the words 100% wool, boys suits made of such fabrics may not contain wool. The best Italian wool mills are usually situated around Biella, Italy. This is usually due to tradition, family connections and some cost factors related to the local expertise and natural resources such as a great supply of very pure water which is used in processing the fine wools to be used in fine suits for boys. Always look far a label listing the origin of the boy's suit's fabric, it may say woven in Biella. or mention a Village near Biella, with Biella or BI in parentheses.

Wool fabrics used for topcoats, overcoats or dress coats are of course heavier but follow many of the same rules. We are not swayed by the word cashmere. There are many qualities of wool and many qualities of cashmere, spelled Kashmir or Kashmere in Italy. We often find that the big print boldly announces a small percentage of cashmere while not so boldly containing nylon. Nylon or Polyamide, in our opinion adds weight and stiffness and and untrue color that is not welcome in a boys top coat. The colors come through as though mixed with a silver tint.

While pattern choice varies, some rules stand true and most buyers of boys suits tend to agree, navy suits are used for dressy, serious occasions such as Communion and Bar Mitzvah. Those that wear suits more often tend to vary styles and often try pinstripe suits, our boys pinstripe and blue colored pinstripe suits have been very popular.