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This is another of our guides to boys suit buying, focusing on the fabrics used for better boys wool suits and coats. We write this guide impartially but based on our 50 years of retailing boy's suits and combined experience totaling over 150 years and 35 years of being involved in the manufacture of fine boys suits.

Although boys suits can be made of any fabric, when customers buy a boys suit for a dressy occasion they usually mean a wool suit. Fabrics such as linen or cotton do have a place, but not here. People sometimes ask about blend suits. This usually refers to a suit made of a blend of wool and a lot of polyester, as much as 65% or even 80%. We believe this is not in the interest of the customer, the suit will still not be washable but the fabric will lack beauty. While there might be a lower price we would rather sell a wool boys suit at a less profitable price and have the customer looking and feeling great. There have also been questions about rayon boys suits. In most cases these are fine wool boys suits that came from a factory that just can not print labels correctly, they mean the suits are wo or wool and the lining is rayon! We actually know and love this factory, they do make the finest boys dress clothing in the world!

Wool fabrics come in a variety of qualities. We have found that the most important factors are the type of wool filament used, the final weight and the country of origin, we prefer Italian wool fabrics.

The width of the filaments should be as thin as possible, this is assured by looking for the term super 100 or a higher number. This assures a thin filament but do not worry, the suit need not be too thin. The weave could still be tight enough for a boys suit. The thinner the fabric filaments as measured in denier, the softer the final boys suit and the less restrictive.

The next factor is the weight of the fabric. After having boys suits made in Italy for the last 13 years, we have settled on the mid-weight, 260 grams as our ideal for boys suits wool fabric. This weight is not too thin yet appropriate for year round use anyplace.

The country of origin is important to us. While wool can originate anyplace, we have seen less problems and nicer results with wool coming from Biella, Italy. This city is known for its generations of world class, large family run corporations that compete on innovation and quality, it's not just the Dollar or Euro they seek, it is actually a competition for recognition as being the best that drives these multimillion dollar firms.

When these principles are followed, you usually have a boy, often dressed in his Bar Mitzvah suit or Communion suit, looking great and feeling great. That is what selling fine boys suits is all about, it is actually more about sharing pride and joy than anything else.