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Shatnez is the term used for a  blend of wool and linen, this blend is prohibited to be worn by Jewish people. The Shatnez term most people actually strive for is actually non shatnez or non-shatnez. The boys suits sold at are designed and manufactured to avoid any chance of shatnez, the wool fabrics, threads, linings, shoulder pads and factories are all chosen carefully and appraised with a clear understanding of what not to do. We can fairly say we have not seen a shatnez suit in our stores for at least 25 years, and our suits generally can be considered non shatnez suits, as tested and accepted by the original Shatnez Laboratory at 203 Lee Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y., This Shatnez laboratory, also known as the Shatnez Laboratory of Mitzvoth Good Deed, was the birthplace of the movement in America as begun 60 years ago by Rabbi Joseph Rosenberger, OBM. Tests yielding similar, non shatnez results have also been performed at the Laboratory once located in the Mikdash Melech building (Ocean Parkway) in Brooklyn, New York. We also maintain an open dialog and cooperation with the Shamash of the Jewish Community in Trani (BA), Italy as  our agent on the spot. We are not aware of any other suits made in Italy with this attention to the Shatnez issue. We believe this exceeds the shatnez status by suits made in turkey, China or elsewhere with no Rabbi on the ground to walk in and check with no appointment.

We are proud to be the first to introduce a fine Italian suit for boys with specially produced shoulder pads, custom made with super virgin cotton to help avoid the slightest doubt. The shoulder pad filled with blown virgin cotton and in fact the entire shoulder pad was inspected by the Shatnez laboratory with great results, found to be non shatnez. We also spot test every new production to help ensure that all that we plan is done accordingly, although it is nice to plan not to have shatnez, it is even more important to have not just great plans but reliable execution.

Although our suits have a tendency (chazaka), developed over years, to be non Shatnez, we believe that the final determination of non-Shatnez should be made by the appropriate authority, such as a clergy member or an expert in this matter.

Most recently we have arranged for suit testing at the original Laboratory at 203 Lee Avenue in the historic Williamsburg area. To no surprise the boys suit tested as non-Shatnes and received approval.